Instant Whole Life Insurance Quote

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Whole Life Insurance

The Internet has really simplified the process of getting life insurance, and whole life insurance quotes are readily obtainable with a quick search. Let’s start with a definition of whole life, and then move onto a caveat that you have to keep in mind when you are tempted to buy based on an instant life insurance quote of any kind.

Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance, which means that it has a cash value amount that builds up over time based on the premiums that you pay over the years, and in the case of whole life, the interest that accrues on those premiums. Whole life is the simplest form of permanent insurance in that you may borrow against the policy, but you have very little additional flexibility in terms of where you can invest the policy’s cash value amount. As long as you make your premium payments each month, your loved ones, or beneficiaries, will receive a payout when you pass away.

The first thing to decide is what kind of permanent life insurance would suit your needs the best, or if in fact a term policy would be most appropriate. Assuming you have settled on whole life, there is a critical question to consider before you buy insurance based on instant whole life insurance quotes. And that is: what are you forfeiting when you act on an “instant” quote?

Insurance companies aggressively advertise instant quote life insurance because they know the people who are in less than optimal health need a way to get life insurance without getting a medical examination. They know how attractive the prospect is even to people who may be in good health, but simply not sure what a doctor’s checkup might reveal about their overall condition. As low as an instant whole life insurance quote may appear to be, you can be sure that either there is padding built into the premium price or the payout is lower than it would be otherwise, based on the increased risk that the insurance company has to take to insure people without knowing about possible health issues.

How to get around these increased premiums or lower payout? Take a deep breath and buy life insurance that requires a medical exam. Not only will the premiums be lower for similar amounts of coverage, you might surprise yourself by being in better health than you thought. Even if you’re not in perfect health, you might still get a better deal by submitting to the medical exam.

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