Variable Universal Life Insurance Guide


When it comes to life insurance policies there is one that stands out from the rest. This policy is known as the variable universal life insurance policy and it is one of the most expensive policies available for a reason. Unlike other policies, the variable plan allows you to take your return in your own hands by allowing you to Continue reading “Variable Universal Life Insurance Guide”

Looking For Cheap Term Life Insurance


When it comes to purchasing a cheap term life insurance policy, many people are under the wrong impression that the more expensive the policy is, the better the policy/service will be, but this is not necessarily accurate. A quick check online will show that a cheap term life insurance quote, relative to the price of whole life coverage, is not hard to find. You should know, when purchasing cheap insurance on your life, that Continue reading “Looking For Cheap Term Life Insurance”

Top Life Insurance Companies To Get You Started


Since you’re making a financial decision that you could be paying into for decades, reliability of the institution that you choose is obviously key. While market cap is in itself no guarantee that you can count on your insurance company to be around 100 years from now (heard of AIG?), it probably still makes sense to look at Continue reading “Top Life Insurance Companies To Get You Started”

It’s Time To Look At Life Insurance Policies


Does the process of getting a life insurance policy really have to be intimidating and time consuming? Not necessarily. Now, educating yourself well enough to make a good decision regarding the basic life insurance question, ie choosing between a term life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy, is complicated. However, you and your family will Continue reading “It’s Time To Look At Life Insurance Policies”

New York Life Insurance


If you are looking for a particular insurance company that is very reliable in the industry, then you should consider going with New York Life Insurance. Let’s take a quick look at an example of a plan they offer: whole life insurance. But what exactly is whole life insurance? To make an informed decision, you must Continue reading “New York Life Insurance”

Overview Of Life Insurance Basics


Life insurance basics state that one should get a life insurance policy as a means of protecting their family, investments and the overall financial stability of those they consider dear to them in the event that an unforeseen incident occurs separating them from their family forever. The last thing anyone wants is to Continue reading “Overview Of Life Insurance Basics”

No Load Life Insurance Explained


Many people have heard of the concept of a no-load mutual fund but when it comes to life insurance very few people have heard of the no-load life insurance policy. Basically the concept of a no-load insurance policy is to reduce the costs of the premiums associated with the insurance policy through the reduction of the annual fees to the independent insurance agent who then spends the money on things like advertisements and other expenses. No load term life insurance should be Continue reading “No Load Life Insurance Explained”

Life Insurance For Cancer Victims

When it comes to life insurance policies for cancer victims, the general consensus is that once diagnosed, the chances of getting a policy are fairly slim. However for a person who has a history of cancer it means that you are better off getting a specialized cancer policy prior to ever being diagnosed. Furthermore, making sure that you have a policy which allows you to file claims Continue reading “Life Insurance For Cancer Victims”

What Is The Best Life Insurance Policy


Many people ask, “What is the best life insurance policy to get?” There are as many answers to this question as there are policy holders. Take a step back and break down the reasons for the coverage, the number of dependents you have, as well as the amount of money they would need to cover their expenses in the event of your untimely demise. No one likes to spend too much time making provisions for their own mortality, but making decisions on these arrangements one time will give you peace of mind for decades. Also, while there are so many options available that choosing the correct one may feel like an overwhelming task, but you do have help available in the form of Life Insurance Basics Guide Continue reading “What Is The Best Life Insurance Policy”

Endowment Surrender Value and Cashing Out

Every endowment policy is a life assurance proposal for an agreed amount after the completion of term or on the death of the insured. Meanwhile, a customer will have a chance to cash the policy through endowment surrender. In this procedure the endowment surrender value will be decided by the insurance companies and the policy should be reached to with-profit status for this procedure. Generally the value redeemed will be always less than the agreed sum of the policy. But, an individual can get more cash through endowment selling rather than this surrender. The premium paid by the customer is invested in the stock market in the endowment policy. The endowment surrender value will be calculated with the help of ‘Market Value adjuster’ while the endowment surrender is initiated. Also, expected bonuses are not favored for an individual that is interested in surrendering the life insurance policy. For every policy bonuses are generated according to a definite proportion of the agreed sum and basing the invested market.

Endowment selling and surrender will completely rules out the chances of bonuses for an individual. In fact, these bonuses are the best assortment for every individual and quite lucrative too. This bonus is announced every year. The invested premium produces a return every year and this return is attributed as bonus for an individual. If this investment is connected with mutual fund dividend or a stock dividend, then it should be paid immediately. Actually this bonus is always affirmed build up and it is the reason it will be paid up on the maturity of the policy. Always this bonus accumulates for an individual until the policy is matured.

Every time the endowment surrender will lead to more financial loss for an individual through losing bonus and through less endowment surrender value. This is the reason people are suggested to plan for endowment policy if there is a chance to continue this to the stipulated period or agreed term. This kind of ability can create a chance to use this as endowment mortgage for an individual. Endowment mortgage is always a best way to make maximum use of this policy for an individual.