Over 50s Life Insurance

Life Insurance For Elderly People

[ad#ad-1]It's no secret that it becomes harder and more expensive to get life insurance as you get older. Life insurance companies prefer to cater to younger people who have a good chance of outliving their term life policies or paying into whole life policies for...

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Over 50 Life Insurance Tips

[ad#ad-1]As people now live longer than ever before, it is not surprising that insurance companies have changed the products that they offer policyholders. It used to be that if you were over 50 life insurance was going to be an expensive proposition, and the choices...

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Over 50s Life Insurance Guide

[ad#ad-1]Times are changing in the insurance industry. People live longer, and stay in better health on average, than they used to. Naturally insurance companies recognize this and have adjusted their life insurance offerings accordingly. Maybe you find yourself...

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Dental Insurance Plans to Help Senior Citizens

Senior citizens or those who have retired from their jobs due to age are provided with options when it comes to insurance plans for their dental requirements. There are several dental insurance plan options available for them. One large association that carries this...

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Burial Life Insurance For Final Expenses

The final expenses that a person is required to pay at their passing can seem somewhat ridiculous. Not only does the taxman want a share of your money when you pass, but there are a number of other people scrambling to get their share before you are completely cold....

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“Looking for life insurance information on the internet is like tiptoeing through a commercial minefield, with very few sites interested in giving you any information that doesn’t lead to a sale through their site. Life Insurance Basics Guide exists to change that and help you with insightful articles.”

Most Recent Articles

Insurance Settlement Basics

A life insurance settlement can be defined in a few different ways, but normally it is simply the sum of money that one's heirs receive after a policyholder passes away. After you responsibly pay your monthly premiums and/or maintain the cash value amount associated...

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Whole Term Life Insurance Ideas

When you choose a life insurance policy, your first decision is to pick from term or whole life insurance (or another form of permanent life insurance). Term life insurance is cost-effective and will give benefits to your family if you die but if you fail to die (so...

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Life Insurance Sales Leads

Obviously finding a way to quickly and systematically get high-quality life insurance leads is what it is all about when it comes to life insurance sales. Before the Internet became such a huge force for change, agents employed all sorts of creative and interesting...

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