Annuity Basics

Combine Annuities Into The Fixed Indexed Annuity

[ad#ad-1]At one point, investors had two options; these were either traditional or variable annuities. Traditional annuities were met with several complaints. One of them was that the annuity account wasn't tied to the markets, so investors couldn't make money when it...

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Want To Buy My Annuity? Questions Often Asked

“What are the things buyers or applicants must know before they buy my annuity plan?” This question will tell us that the art of buying an annuity can be a little complicated as one should know how to make it successful and one must see to it what necessary things are...

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Endowment Surrender Value and Cashing Out

Every endowment policy is a life assurance proposal for an agreed amount after the completion of term or on the death of the insured. Meanwhile, a customer will have a chance to cash the policy through endowment surrender. In this procedure the endowment surrender...

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“Looking for life insurance information on the internet is like tiptoeing through a commercial minefield, with very few sites interested in giving you any information that doesn’t lead to a sale through their site. Life Insurance Basics Guide exists to change that and help you with insightful articles.”

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Insurance Settlement Basics

A life insurance settlement can be defined in a few different ways, but normally it is simply the sum of money that one's heirs receive after a policyholder passes away. After you responsibly pay your monthly premiums and/or maintain the cash value amount associated...

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Whole Term Life Insurance Ideas

When you choose a life insurance policy, your first decision is to pick from term or whole life insurance (or another form of permanent life insurance). Term life insurance is cost-effective and will give benefits to your family if you die but if you fail to die (so...

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Life Insurance Sales Leads

Obviously finding a way to quickly and systematically get high-quality life insurance leads is what it is all about when it comes to life insurance sales. Before the Internet became such a huge force for change, agents employed all sorts of creative and interesting...

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