Mission Statement

Looking for life insurance information on the internet is like tiptoeing through a commercial minefield, with very few sites interested in giving you any information that doesn’t lead to a sale through their site. But life insurance is one of those decisions that is too important to be made based on propaganda, don’t you think?

We realized that in 70-100 articles we could give a comprehensive overview of life insurance choices available to people, even the more obscure variations and supplements, without corrupting any of it with sales motives. Wikipedia is great, but in our opinion the writing quality/clarity of the articles on life insurance is hit-and-miss, and sometimes not directly related to helping people actually decide what to buy.

We created this site to help the average person decide what kind of life insurance is best for them and their families. If you have any questions or suggestions at all, especially a subject that is worthy of a clear explanation in an article, please let us know, at harold (at) hmcgee.com. Thanks for visiting.