Burial Life Insurance For Final Expenses

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Over 50s Life Insurance

The final expenses that a person is required to pay at their passing can seem somewhat ridiculous. Not only does the taxman want a share of your money when you pass, but there are a number of other people scrambling to get their share before you are completely cold. Now while final expenses are somewhat difficult for the family to swallow, they are often justifiable. It is not unreasonable for there to be costs associated with the death of a family member. Not only does it cost money to arrange the funeral, but it also costs money to bury a person. Sometimes a person’s general insurance contracts are not going to be sufficient or timely enough to help pay for the additional costs at their passing.

To help cover the cost of final expenses, an insurance product called burial life insurance was created. This is a specialty life insurance policy that’s sole intention is to help cover the funeral and burial expenses at death. While it can be offered directly from an insurance agent, it is often purchased through the funeral home in which you plan to make arrangements with.

Upon passing, the burial insurance policy is redeemable and often paid directly to the funeral home. This allows the funeral director to make all of the arrangements, and assists the family by keeping them out of the financial stresses of the funeral. The family has enough on their mind and must deal with their emotional stress without the burden of financial stress as well. The insurance policy covers the cost of the casket, funeral services, funeral director fees, burial plot, burial costs, and other final expenses associated with the passing of your loved one. At the time of the policy, you will be able to discuss the details of the coverage, and make sure that you sufficiently understand what is included in the policy.

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