Life Insurance Leads-A Guide

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Types Of Life Insurance


Whether you are an established life insurance agent looking to expand your business, or a new agent trying to create some momentum, you have to be aware of the potential that the web has in helping you acquire life insurance leads that you can convert. The process of essentially outsourcing this vital part of your business can get very expensive quickly in terms of both time and money if you aren’t careful. On the other hand, finding your own leads can take you away from what you do best: actually selling to qualified life insurance leads. In this short article Life Insurance Basics Guide will lay out the pros and cons of each approach. This information should apply regardless of the degree of independence you have as an agent.
Your basic decision is whether to learn to run online ad campaigns such as adwords and set up infrastructure like your own website to attract interest, or pay another company that is already doing things like this to find leads to sell to you. It’s a return-on-investment question, and in this game, as you consider whether to buy online insurance leads, you have to be as stingy with your time as you are with your money.

You will very probably outsource development of a site that establishes your own web presence, and this can easily run to several hundred dollars or more. Then, once you have a funnel that you will use to attract exclusive life insurance leads, it becomes a matter of taking time and money to promote the site as an extension of yourself: the beauty is that you personally engage all leads that find your site, and you should be able to fine tune your targeting over time, geographically or demographically, based on what is working.

Setting up an adwords budget, or another pay-per-click method, is easy enough, but there is a learning curve involved here, and constant maintenance and tweaking of the keywords that you are targeting is necessary to get good results. The optimization never ends. It also will get expensive, especially to target keywords relating to life insurance! No doubt you’re aware of this already.

You can see that we’ve just described a process where, even after everything is set up, you still will put a lot of effort into activities other than closing. If just paying a company for leads drives the cost per life insurance lead lower than what you can achieve by handling it all yourself, there can be no doubt that you’ll also save loads of time too.

Companies like,, and, just to name a few, offer a system that is brilliantly simple for agents. They assume the complex, expensive task of promoting their sites to people searching the web for information. It’s called Search Engine Marketing, and while it didn’t even exist 15 years ago, make no mistake, it is a full-fledged science already.

What’s in it for you? These are prime life insurance sales leads because they themselves are declaring their interest, and that the time is right for them to learn, and to buy. When they enter their information into a form it gets very interesting. The prospect is routed to an agent immediately (you get an email or a phone call) and you can contact them within minutes, or even while they are still online looking for a solution to their life insurance needs! Best case would be that the lead you are delivered has enough personal information for you as the agent to work up the quote immediately, without having to contact the prospective client later for more information. You have filtered the leads on your end based on the market to which you cater, say term life insurance leads, and any demographic or geographic traits you want.

If you decide to approach companies that do this, shop around. Usually some free leads are thrown in initially to give you a large enough sample size to determine how well this works for you. Also, keep in mind that leads generated using low quality techniques like spamming, pop-up ads, or incentive programs, will be of considerably lower value, and maybe downright worthless to you.

Despite these caveats, paying a company that specializes in getting life insurance leads for you, rather than dealing with the expense and learning curve of acquiring them yourself, is something that you should at least try. It might be cost effective for you. You can always go down the time-intensive path later.

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