Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Be aware: at first glance, guaranteed acceptance life insurance probably sounds like the easiest way to get life insurance, but the fact is it might be a much better deal for the insurance company than it is for you.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many advertisements for life insurance of the type that promise to guarantee you a policy? Where are the ads encouraging you to get life insurance that would require that you take a medical exam as a condition of being granted a policy? Is it possible that Continue reading “Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance”

Guaranteed Life Insurance

Maybe all the direct mailings and ads on the Internet have finally got you thinking that life insurance is something you had better purchase. Well it’s understandable, because if you have loved ones who would be negatively impacted by your sudden absence, a life insurance policy really is something you should look into. But maybe you know that your health is not perfect, or maybe you haven’t had a check up in years and the thought of a complete physical makes you a little nervous. Continue reading “Guaranteed Life Insurance”