Life Insurance Sales Leads

Obviously finding a way to quickly and systematically get high-quality life insurance leads is what it is all about when it comes to life insurance sales. Before the Internet became such a huge force for change, agents employed all sorts of creative and interesting methods to acquire or create insurance sales leads. Direct mail campaigns, educational seminars, or mini events in places where potential prospects might congregate (i.e. a mall) were a few methods commonly employed. Agents still rely on real-world face-to-face meetings for creating rapport and trust as well as a list of callbacks. The Internet however, just Continue reading “Life Insurance Sales Leads”

Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Before the internet, insurance agents were condemned to do real life seminars and other cost-heavy procedures in order to obtain their exclusive life insurance leads. Now, with the emergence of the World Wide Web, a whole new way of doing business has emerged. This has at times been called “attraction marketing” as well as other things and I will outline the basic gist of it in this article. Continue reading “Exclusive Life Insurance Leads”

Mortgage Life Insurance Leads-An Outline For Agents


A mortgage can be defined as a kind of loan which is obtained to purchase a property. However, the term mortgage can also be used as an act of keeping a property as collateral for debt repayment. There are home buyers who borrow 90% to 95% or even more of the value of the property and are then tempted to obtain a life insurance policy for themselves to cover the repayment of the borrowed amount in the event that they pass away before the mortgage is fully paid off. At stake is Continue reading “Mortgage Life Insurance Leads-An Outline For Agents”