Want To Buy My Annuity? Questions Often Asked

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Annuity Basics

“What are the things buyers or applicants must know before they buy my annuity plan?” This question will tell us that the art of buying an annuity can be a little complicated as one should know how to make it successful and one must see to it what necessary things are to include in order to make buyers agree.

If you are the seller, you must review all necessary information about your annuity plan before getting into the idea of wanting to buy my annuity or simply selling it. As an owner, consider the type of annuity you are about to sell and know if you badly needed to sell the whole plan or just a part of it. Be specific with this so that the buyer can be well-directed of what type of settlement they are buying.

On the other hand, if you are selling an annuity policy, identify what type of investment you want to sell or retain and know the need of your prospects. Will they want it fixed or variable? Know if they can be easy to deal with. In order to get the most money in selling your annuity, seek for a good buyer and have meetings with them as much as possible to talk about it.

Don’t be easily persuaded by the insurance companies, be vigilant on the process because it is your own time to take control of your money. If you are poor in doing negotiations and you always tend to say yes even if it needs you to say no, you’ll be losing much money from your structured annuity. Ask them questions like: “Want to buy my annuity?” If yes, continue asking like, “What can your company offer to me?” “Is there necessary restrictions?” And so on.

Be successful in obtaining cash from your structured settlements and be aware that there are various agencies that cater settlement obligations from people who likely ask “Want to buy annuities?”  So, obtain cash from your annuity now and find out how big it will be.

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