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Types of Life Insurance

Key Man Insurance And Corporate Planning

[ad#ad-1]Key man life insurance, also known as key person insurance, exists to protect companies from the loss of people who are vital to the function of their business. The idea is that a contribution of some employees is so large that the risk their potential loss...

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Life Insurance Leads-A Guide

[ad#ad-1]Whether you are an established life insurance agent looking to expand your business, or a new agent trying to create some momentum, you have to be aware of the potential that the web has in helping you acquire life insurance leads that you can convert. The...

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Your Guide To Different Types Of Life Insurance

[ad#ad-1]Life insurance is an essential part of the financial portfolio of responsible adults who want to protect the interests of their loved ones in case something happens to them. With all the types of life insurance policies available, investing time to educate...

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Whole Life Insurance

Instant Whole Life Insurance Quote

The Internet has really simplified the process of getting life insurance, and whole life insurance quotes are readily obtainable with a quick search. Let's start with a definition of whole life, and then move onto a caveat that you have to keep in mind when you are...

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Exploring the Advantages of Whole Life Insurance

[ad#ad-1]Two main types of life insurance exist: whole life insurance and term life insurance. Term life insurance provides coverage for a specified number of years. This type of insurance plan does not develop a cash value. The whole life insurance definition on the...

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Benefits of a Permanent Insurance Policy

[ad#ad-1]Most everyone needs a life insurance policy at some point or another, especially those with young families. It doesn't matter who you are, at some point the need will arise for one, and when it does, you will need to decide what type of life insurance policy...

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Term Life Insurance

Buy Term Life Insurance Online-Here’s Why

[ad#ad-1]If you are trying to ensure that you are getting the best price for your term life policy today, possibly the best way is to buy term life insurance online. Insurance is a massive industry these days, with seemingly many more small players than there used to...

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Buy Term Life Insurance-And A Caveat

[ad#ad-1]Maybe you're young and just starting a new family, or maybe you're older and thinking about protecting your family's financial future for the long-term. Either way you realize that life insurance is a critical component of long-term financial planning of...

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What Is Term Life Insurance

[ad#ad-1]Many people who haven't yet purchased life insurance have a small barrier to getting insured that has nothing to do with money. They are simply putting it off because they fear that learning enough to make an informed decision will be a long and tedious...

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“Looking for life insurance information on the internet is like tiptoeing through a commercial minefield, with very few sites interested in giving you any information that doesn’t lead to a sale through their site. Life Insurance Basics Guide exists to change that and help you with insightful articles.”

Most Recent Articles

Difference Between Term And Whole Life Insurance

If you're not clear on the precise difference between term and whole life insurance, you have come to the right guide on insurance. I promise: by the end of this short article you will be clear. There a few major differences, so let's take them one at a time. Term...

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Life Insurance No Physical-Think Twice

You have probably seen advertisements in newspapers and magazines for life insurance requiring no physical examination, as a condition for getting insured. But what are the downsides of policies of this kind?  These policies are also known as "guaranteed issue" or...

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Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Before the internet, insurance agents were condemned to do real life seminars and other cost-heavy procedures in order to obtain their exclusive life insurance leads. Now, with the emergence of the World Wide Web, a whole new way of doing business has emerged. This...

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